What We Do

At Radiance, our mission is rooted in creating a brighter, violence-free future for women and children in need.

We are dedicated to providing comprehensive support and services to families impacted by violence, offering a lifeline for those seeking healing and empowerment. Our unwavering commitment revolves around breaking the cycle of abuse, fostering healthy families, and nurturing stronger, more resilient communities.

Safe Housing

Radiance’s safe housing at The Radiance Centre serves as a vital refuge for women who bravely leave abusive relationships, offering not just a secure home, but also the essential emotional and practical assistance needed during the complex journey of breaking free. Recognizing the daunting challenges faced by these courageous women, our safe housing facility provides a nurturing environment for women with or without children, where they can access comprehensive resources to navigate their path to healing. Our secure 24-unit complex, situated in a serene neighborhood with easy access to essential services, ensures safety with 24-hour security.

Community Counselling

Our inclusive counselling services, accessible to everyone regardless of their race, faith, cultural background or financial situation, are facilitated by skilled and diverse Radiance counselors who hold accredited post-secondary graduate degrees.

We are dedicated to providing support for a range of challenges including family violence, depression, stress, grief, anxiety, low self-esteem, anger, communication difficulties, boundaries, and marital and relationship conflicts.

Additionally, we extend our commitment to education by offering complimentary seminars and workshops on family and dating violence’s implications for individuals, families, and communities to businesses, churches, and organizations.

Contact us at counselling@radiancesociety.ca to learn more.

Radiance Children’s Centre

The Radiance Children’s Centre, Canada’s first licensed full-time facility of its kind, stands at the forefront of breaking the cycle of violence by addressing the unique needs of children exposed to family violence.

Through an integrated daycare program rooted in cutting-edge child development and brain research, the center aims to prevent long-term challenges these vulnerable children often face. By intervening early, it empowers children to become healthy, positive adults, fostering potential through an inclusive, therapeutic environment for ordinary and extraordinary activities.

Our comprehensive children’s center programming extends beyond immediate support, focusing on lasting family empowerment. We promote child development, enhance parent-child attachment, refine communication and problem-solving skills, and nurture self-esteem.

Through preserving family units, reducing aggression, and employing trauma-informed care, our efforts create generational ripples of improved parenting confidence and engagement, working diligently to reduce and prevent child abuse and neglect.

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The Children’s Centre, Canada’s first licensed full-time facility of its kind, stands at the forefront of breaking the cycle of violence by addressing the unique needs of children exposed to family violence.

Radiance Family Day Homes

At Radiance Family Day Homes, we firmly believe in providing every child with a secure, nurturing environment where they can freely engage in play, exploration, learning, sharing, and being heard. Operating since 1985, our agency goes above and beyond to deliver trustworthy, well-rounded childcare that prioritizes all aspects of development.

Through inclusive, regulated, and caring home-based programs, our dedicated team of qualified educators ensures healthy meals, outdoor play, and limited media exposure, fostering a love for discovery and imagination in a stimulating, safe setting. Join us on a remarkable journey of laughter, curiosity, and endless possibilities for your child.

At Radiance, we are not only dedicated to transforming lives today but to advocating for a world where every person can live free from violence and oppression. Together, we illuminate the path towards healing, empowerment, and a brighter future.