Therapeutic Power of the Sensory Room at Sonshine’s Children Centre

In 2015, the Children’s Centre opened its doors at Sonshine. It is the first licensed full-time centre of its kind in Canada, serving children 19 months to 6 years of age. Our integrated daycare program meets the needs of not only the typically developing child but also those of children that have been exposed to family violence or other forms of trauma. With a focus on early intervention and holistic development, the Children’s Centre incorporates cutting-edge research on child and brain development into its programming. In the 2021/2022 fiscal year, 1484 hours of specialized, trauma informed support was delivered to children & youth at Sonshines Children Centre.  

 A feature of the facility is our state-of-the-art sensory room, designed to facilitate sensory integration and regulation of the children in our care.  

 Sonshine’s Children Centre strives to create an inclusive and therapeutic environment where every child can actively participate in both ordinary and extraordinary activities. Recognizing that children with sensory processing difficulties may face challenges in regulating their emotions and responses to sensory stimuli, the centre has dedicated resources to the development of a modern sensory room. 

 Sensory integration refers to the brain’s ability to organize and interpret information received through the senses, such as touch, sound, sight, taste, and smell. For some children, sensory integration may be disrupted, leading to difficulties in processing sensory inputs effectively. This can manifest as hypersensitivity, hyposensitivity, or difficulty with self-regulation. 

 The sensory room at Sonshine’s Children Centre aims to provide a safe and stimulating space for children to engage in sensory exploration. Through carefully designed activities and equipment, the sensory room promotes the development of sensory processing skills. 

 The room is thoughtfully designed, taking into account the diverse needs of children with varying sensory difficulties. It includes a calming environment with a soothing and relaxing space, with soft lighting, comfortable seating, and muted colours to reduce sensory overload. 

 It provides numerous benefits for children across the sensory spectrum. By engaging in sensory play and integration activities, the sensory room can help children develop strategies to self-regulate their sensory responses, leading to improved attention, concentration, and emotional well-being. 

 The sensory room encourages children to explore different sensory stimuli, creativity, and cognitive development and it can also serve as a space for children to engage in cooperative play, sharing sensory experiences, and fostering social connections. Children can also express themselves in non-verbal ways, enhancing communication skills and self-confidence. 

 Sonshine’s Children Centre is at the forefront of providing inclusive and therapeutic childcare services. The integration of the sensory room within the centre’s facilities demonstrates our commitment to the well-being and development of all children in our care. By harnessing the power of sensory integration and regulation, the sensory room at Sonshine’s Children’s Centre can help to empower children to overcome challenges, explore their senses, and thrive in their journey towards healthy and positive futures.