The Affordability Crisis in Calgary: One in Five Need Charitable Services to Fulfil Essential Needs

Picture the overwhelming weight of toiling day in and day out, perhaps juggling multiple jobs, yet still falling short of providing a decent meal for your children. Envision the heart-wrenching guilt and shame that accompany the feeling of inadequacy when the struggle to make ends meet seems insurmountable. As society points fingers, blaming you for circumstances beyond your control, and your resources are stretched to their limits, a sense of hopelessness creeps in. The Affordability Crisis in Calgary is effecting families from all walks of life, but inflicting particularly devastating consequences on single mothers and their children.

The Affordability Crisis in Calgary

The Facts

The impact of inflation on the cost of living and affordability continues to reverberate across Canada, with a staggering quarter (24%) of Canadians anticipating the need to turn to charitable services for essential needs like food, clothing, or shelter in the next six months, as revealed by a poignant Ipsos poll conducted for

Currently, one in five (20%) Canadians are relying on charitable services to fulfill their essential needs, and a slightly larger proportion (24%) foresees the necessity of such services in the near future.

Among those currently seeking aid, a heartbreaking seven in ten (69%) confess that this is the first year they’ve found themselves in need of such support. More than half (54%) attribute this newfound reliance to the ever-increasing cost of living. Other reasons include grappling with mental or physical health issues, job loss, providing caregiving support, battling addiction, or confronting various other challenges. Shockingly, 10% cite domestic violence as the catalyst for seeking assistance.

How to Help

Now, more than ever, we need your support for the women and children grappling with the surge in domestic violence in Calgary – an issue that has intensified in recent years. The affordability crisis increases the difficulty for women to escape perilous situations, amplifying the urgency for intervention.

In a disheartening shift from the previous year, Canadians are more inclined to admit they do not contribute financially to charities and are less likely to commit to giving the same amount as they did last year.

It’s time to be the change and make a significant difference in someone’s life. Remember, even the smallest gesture can pave the way for significant impact. Your help is desperately needed and greatly appreciated.

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