Spirit of Christmas at Radiance

The holiday season just got a whole lot brighter thanks to our buddies at ConocoPhillips and their legendary Spirit of Christmas program! Led by the dynamic duo, Chantal Hawkings and Tanya Morton, these folks quite literally brought a truckload of joy to Radiance this year.

For over a decade, ConocoPhillips has been rolling in with a truck stuffed to the brim with gorgeously wrapped gifts for the moms and kids residing at Radiance over the holidays (we’re talking 24 apartments!). Talk about dedication! Every year, the Conoco volunteer crew puts in the blood, sweat, and tears (okay, maybe not blood, but you get the idea) to hand-deliver these goodies. Bikes, weights, art supplies, house plants—you name it, they brought the whole shebang.

One volunteer hero summed it up perfectly: “My favorite thing about Spirit of Christmas is seeing the personal impact it has on the women and kids. It’s nice to come out and see that you’re making a difference in a family’s life.”

These rockstars at ConocoPhillips didn’t just bring gifts; they brought smiles, warmth, and that fuzzy feeling of knowing you’ve made a real difference.

“This is my 11th Spirit of Christmas, and I look forward to this each year”, says Chantal. “I love the shopping and seeing all the joy on the kids’ faces when we arrive at the apartments. I love the feeling of what we’re doing for these women and children all throughout the year while they’re here, and when they move out and they get to keep the stuff we buy for them and take it with them.”

Cheers to ConocoPhillips and their legendary Spirit of Christmas crew for spreading the love, generosity and hope, making our Radiance families’ holidays extra special! Thank you so much!