Rotary Club’s Transformational $70,000 Donation to Sonshine’s Connection Centre

Pictured here: Jim and Don of the Rotary Club of Calgary at Stampede Park donating $70,000 to Sonshine.

In a heartwarming display of community support, Sonshine has received a remarkable donation of $70,000 from Jim and Don of the Rotary Club of Calgary at Stampede Park (the largest amount given to a single charity in Calgary this year). This generous contribution will fuel the internal renovation of Sonshine’s Connection Centre, a space designed to foster a sense of community, engagement, and support. It will allow for a greater scope of programming, activities and hospitality for our residents and staff.

The Rotary Club’s $70,000 donation is proof of their commitment to community service and their belief in Sonshine’s mission. Their outstanding generosity will leave a mark on the lives of countless individuals who rely on Sonshine’s services. By investing in the internal renovation of the Connection Centre, the Rotary Club is not only improving the physical space but also amplifying the impact Sonshine can have on the well-being and happiness of the women and children in our care.

Sonshine’s Connection Centre is now poised for an incredible transformation, thanks to the donation from the Rotary Club. This meaningful partnership showcases the potential for collaboration between organizations dedicated to community upliftment. As the internal renovation unfolds, the Connection Centre will turn into a vibrant space for residents and staff. Through their generosity, the Rotary Club has become an integral part of Sonshine’s journey to empower individuals and strengthen the fabric of the community.

To honour the remarkable contribution from Rotary Stampede Park, we will proudly place a commemorative plaque on the wall of our Connection Centre, acknowledging their extraordinary gift and everlasting impact on Sonshine Community Services.