Pearl’s Story – The Power of Giving Back

As a nonprofit organization dedicated to breaking the cycle of domestic violence and transforming lives, stories like Pearl’s are at the core of our work. 

Pearl’s relationship with Sonshine Community Services began around the holidays nearly 20 years ago, and is a heartwarming example of paying it forward.  

With two young children and a single income, Pearl was in search of subsidized childcare that she could trust. She was matched with a Sonshine Family Day Home operator, and supported through the process of applying for grants and subsidies.  

As the family settled into their new routine with the holiday season approaching, Pearl began to worry about how she would make Christmas special for her kids on a tight budget.   

Knowing Pearl was anxiously awaiting the upcoming holidays, the day home operator nominated the family for Sonshine’s Adopt-A-Family program.  

The program matches Sonshine clients in need with organizations, individuals and groups looking to give back to their community in a meaningful way. Families are given the opportunity to make holiday wish-lists for essential items and special gifts they may not be able to afford otherwise.  

For the first time in many years, Pearl felt relieved, excited, and hopeful as the holiday season drew closer.   

When time finally came to open the gifts on Christmas morning, Pearl was filled with joy.  

“My five-year-old daughter remarked that this was the first time she had seen our tree so full with presents.”  

It meant the world to see her young children so excited and grateful. And Pearl, too, got to experience the thrill of opening a gift just for her – a feeling that isn’t always common for single mothers.  

“I knew the feeling of not having any surprises waiting for me under the tree. It was such an impactful feeling to know someone had hand-picked the items off my wish list just for me.”  

“Now, all I want is to pass that magic on to others!”  

Nineteen years later, Pearl is an avid participant in the Adopt-A-Family program, and is eager to support many other philanthropic initiatives at Sonshine. 

Pearl is now a Tim Hortons franchisee owner and engages her businesses in giving back by raising and matching funds, helping youth in-need attend Tim Hortons Summer Camps, and sponsoring community events at Sonshine.  

For generous, dedicated donors like Pearl, Sonshine is so grateful!  

To find out more about how you can get involved with Sonshine and make a difference for generations to come, visit our Ways to Support page.