Jayden’s Journey to Healing and Self-Regulation

Jayden’s initial reluctance to use nap beds and napping resources at Sonshine puzzled the staff. However, they soon discovered that a traumatic incident at a previous daycare had deeply affected his perception of quiet time. Recognizing the triggering nature of quiet time for Jayden and sensing the need for tailored support, the child support workers promptly intervened, determined to create a safe space for him to heal and embrace this essential part of the day. 

Recognizing the importance of addressing Jayden’s needs during quiet time, the child support workers adapted the reading nook, providing a cushioned area for the young child. This alteration allowed Jayden to associate quiet time with a comforting and secure environment. By transforming the reading nook into a quiet area, the staff provided Jayden with a place where he could feel safe, nurtured, and understood. 

To foster a positive association with quiet time, the staff engaged all preschoolers in practical learning sessions focused on self-regulation skills. By modeling the use of the program’s nap beds and resources, they demonstrated that these tools could be used for self-regulation and co-regulation. Through these activities, Jayden and his peers learned that utilizing these resources was a safe and effective way to manage their emotions during quiet time. 

With consistent support and encouragement, Jayden gradually transitioned into his bed by the end of May. The provision of frequent quiet times allowed him to practice self-regulation skills in a setting free from trauma triggers. Jayden’s progress was evident as he began feeling safe and secure during his engagement in quiet or nap time. The once fearful association with his bed and naptime had been replaced by a sense of comfort and relaxation. 

As Jayden’s progress became apparent, his parents were able to support effective transitions at home. They received guidance from the daycare staff on implementing strategies to create a similar safe space for Jayden’s quiet time routine at home. Encouraged by their child’s remarkable development, Jayden’s parents have started transitioning him from his crib to a bed that mirrors the one at the daycare, further reinforcing a positive association with quiet time. 

 Jayden’s journey from fear and dysregulation to embracing quiet time stands as a testament to the power of understanding, adaptability, and compassionate support. Through the dedication of the daycare staff, Jayden has not only overcome his traumatic experience but has also learned valuable self-regulation skills. With the ongoing support from both the daycare and his parents, Jayden is well on his way to a future filled with confidence, resilience, and a deep sense of security.