Get Involved

Want to get involved? Together, we can break the silence, inspire resilience, and create a world where every person can live free from fear and thrive in a nurturing environment. Find out about all the ways you can support us below!


Radiance gratefully accepts donations of new, unused household and children’s items.

Our current wish list includes:

  • Gender neutral bedding
  • Play Dough
  • Lego sets
  • Acrylic paints
  • Tin foil
  • Hot Wheels cars and tracks
  • Construction paper 
  • Coffee makers

Get in touch with us at to inquire if we can make use of your donation and to schedule a drop off. Gifts are accepted only by appointment.


Would you like to create a meaningful impact in the lives of women and children escaping domestic violence? Your opportunity to make a difference starts here.

At Radiance, our Volunteers are vital to providing essential support to our clients. With a range of available positions, we welcome those willing to dedicate their time, skills, and abilities to join our mission. Whether it’s assisting with move-ins, preparing and staging suites for new clients, or offering administrative support, there’s a role for you.

Explore our current opportunities:

Looking for a team-building opportunity that truly matters? Connect with our Volunteer Coordinator at and embark on a journey of positive change together.


Join the mission of creating brighter tomorrows with Radiance by hosting or attending events on our behalf! Whether it’s a lively concert, an engaging golf tournament, an inspiring auction, or any creative fundraising event, your support makes a significant impact.

By organizing events to benefit Radiance, you’re not only having fun but also contributing to the healing and empowerment of women and children affected by domestic violence. To explore the exciting possibilities of hosting a benefit event, get in touch with us at and let’s make a positive difference together.

Book a Workshop or Webinar

Are you eager to become an advocate for domestic violence awareness and support? Radiance is here to guide you on this transformative journey.

Our workshops and webinars are designed to educate individuals, empower workplaces, and inspire change. Learn how to recognize the signs of domestic violence, provide support to survivors, and become a voice for change in your community.

Booking a workshop or webinar with Radiance is your first step toward making a difference. Join us in our mission to create a world free from domestic violence. Together, we can be the change-makers our communities need. Contact us at today to schedule your session and be the advocate for change you aspire to be.

Strategic Partnerships

We believe that healing is a collective journey, and as such, we work diligently to establish a robust sense of community within the non-profit sector. By forging stable and mutually beneficial relationships with our partners, we secure the financial freedom necessary to continually enhance and optimize our services.

By collaborating with industry leaders at our stage 2 shelters in Calgary, partners can contribute to innovative programs and cutting-edge solutions. As our partner, you’ll witness the tangible impact of your generosity in real-time, gaining insight into the transformative journey of the families you support.

We pride ourselves on evidence-based approaches to healing women and children, utilizing data-driven therapeutic methods. Partnering with us not only increases your brand visibility through various channels including social media, newsletters, and blogs but also reflects your dedication to corporate social responsibility.

Your commitment will be highlighted through a tailored media kit, aligning your brand with Radiance’s mission and providing opportunities to create a lasting legacy within our organization, potentially even through facility naming.

Contact us via email at for more information.