Domestic Violence’s Deadly Toll in 2009

“Gang warfare on Calgary streets may have abated in 2009, but domestic violence continues to exact a deadly toll behind the city’s closed doors,” wrote Calgary Herald reporter Jason Van Rassel. The overall homicide rate droped in 2009 as police fight gangs, but sadly, of the 24 lives that were ended at the hands of others, 9 were the results of domestic disputes. What is even more tragic is that 4 of these 9 cases involved the murder of children (3 at the hands of their own fathers and and 1 at the hands of his mother’s boyfriend). Although this is the extreme face of domestic violence, we know that thousands more in our city were impacted by this pervasive social issue at other levels, which is why Sonshine will continue providing and expanding its services to women and children in our city. Please join us by donating of your time, talents, and resources.