Do You Google? Raise Funds for Sonshine While You Search. It’s Really That Simple!

Now you can help raise funds for Sonshine just by doing something you probably already do everyday – search the web. Thanks to a company called Comtribute, Sonshine is introducing an online fundraising program that enables you to contribute to Sonshine every time you search the web. Every search you run through our toolbar or search page will raise a few cents for Sonshine. The search engine is rebranded with the Sonshine logo and colors but is powered by leading search enginges (our is powered by Google), so you still get quality search results. Launched just a few months ago, Comtribute’s clients include national charities such as Make a Wish Canada and Canada World Youth. It’s simple, secure, and completely free, so please give it a try. 

To join or learn more, go to:  You have to register for your searches to count, so please don’t skip this important step! You can choose to do any of the following:

  1. Contribute through your Home Page –  Set our Search Page as your Home Page (No download required)
  2. Contribute through your browser’ Search Box – Add our Search Engine to your browser
  3. Contribute through a Toolbar in your browser – Install our toolbar

I would definatley recommend setting our Search Page – – as your home/default search page, and begin using it now. No download is required, but you do have to register to make your searches count.