Brightening Lives with School Supplies for Kids

In the spirit of compassion and community, Na’amat Canada Calgary recently embarked on their annual mission to support children in need through their School Supplies for Kids program. This heartfelt initiative aims to alleviate the financial worries of mothers in need and equip young individuals with the tools they need to embark on their educational journey. On June 11th, they once again extended a helping hand to Sonshine by donating 45 backpacks filled with essential school supplies.  

Every day, numerous children seek refuge in Alberta shelters to escape the harsh realities of domestic violence. Many of these children arrive with little more than the clothes they wear, faced with the daunting task of reintegrating into the school system within days. Na’amat Canada Calgary recognized the pressing need to address these concerns, ensuring that despite their circumstances, these children could face their educational endeavors with confidence. 

Since 1998, Na’amat Canada Calgary’s School Supplies for Kids program has been a beacon of hope, equipping over 24,000 children with backpacks and grade-appropriate school supplies. This initiative not only provides the necessary tools for academic success but also strengthens the self-esteem of these young individuals during challenging times. With the dedicated efforts of volunteers, Na’amat Canada Calgary gathered on June 11th to pack and deliver 45 backpacks for the school-aged children living or attending programs at Sonshine. 

In cases of domestic violence, the children’s school supplies are often left behind or destroyed by abusers, leaving them without the basic tools necessary for their education. The consequences of such circumstances include walking into a new school, classroom, and teachers without a backpack or essential supplies. Na’amat Canada Calgary identified this critical need and took it upon themselves to make a difference. 

The impact of Na’amat Canada Calgary’s School Supplies for Kids program goes beyond providing practical assistance. It offers a sense of normalcy to children who have experienced upheaval in their lives. By ensuring these young individuals have backpacks and school supplies, they can attend school without feeling different or disadvantaged.  

We extend our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to Na’amat Canada Calgary for their generous donation of 45 backpacks, enriching the lives of children at Sonshine every year through their School Supplies for Kids program.