Living free from domestic violence

A nurturing sanctuary, unwavering support, and transformative resources for individuals and families.

* Previously Sonshine Community Services

Radiance is proud to be one of the receiving chairities of Rogers Birdies for Kids. Donations made before August 31, 2024 will be matched up to 50%.

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Radiance Children’s Centre and Dayhomes, where little hearts find a nurturing space to grow, learn, and thrive.

Our dedicated team of caregivers and educators foster a love for exploration, imagination, and discovery. Join us on this incredible journey of laughter, curiosity, and endless possibilities for your child.

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Our mission is to make a tangible difference in the lives of those impacted by domestic violence.
Together, we can break the silence, inspire resilience, and create a world where every person can live free from fear and thrive in a nurturing environment.
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We offer a safe space for healing, guidance, and emotional support.
Radiance is a beacon of support and empowerment, to those in distress. Radiance also aids in facilitating personalized safe exit plans from abusive situations.
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Why Radiance

Radiance exists to illuminate the path towards a world free from domestic violence. We are driven by a collective commitment to ending the cycle of abuse, providing a lifeline of support and resources to those affected.

By getting involved with Radiance, you become a catalyst for change, joining a community of dedicated individuals determined to make a difference. Your support can help us extend a helping hand to survivors, offering them solace, empowerment, and a chance to rebuild their lives.

Whether through volunteering, fundraising, or spreading awareness, your involvement creates ripples of impact, inspiring hope and breaking the silence surrounding domestic violence.

Together, we can shine a light on this issue, create a safe space for healing, and build a future where every individual can thrive in a violence-free environment.

Land Acknowledgement

We honour and acknowledge Treaty 7 lands, which is the traditional territory of the Siksika, Kianai, Tsuu’tina, Piikani, the Nakota, and an important trading centre for the Metis of Region 3 of the Metis Nation of Alberta.

We recognize that we are Treaty people and have a responsibility to understand our history and the spirit and intent of Treaty 7 so that we can honour the past, be aware of the present, and build a future on peace, friendship, and understanding for a just and caring future.

We honour the courage and strength of Indigenous women who have forged vital diplomatic relationships, trading relations, and as foundation builders of this city.

We honour them as life givers and care givers as we honor and learn from their continuing achievements, their consistent strength, and their remarkable endurance.


Discover a wealth of knowledge through articles, guides, and educational materials that shed light on the dynamics of abuse, recognizing warning signs, and developing safety plans. Additionally, our blog provides a platform for empowering stories and inspiring journeys of courage.

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At Radiance, we are caring and humble with great aspirations to build a world free from domestic violence.

Our team is all about supporting people and families to create positive change and thrive, with our eyes set on a future free from violence.

Our professional support comes from a dedicated team with unwavering integrity and a strong sense of purpose. Our work environment reflects the atmosphere we create for those we serve, promoting a trauma-informed place of support.

We are building a community of fun, caring, adaptable team members. Together, we take on meaningful challenges, and in return, you get an opportunity to join a team that’s all about growth, flexibility, support, and camaraderie.

Our Impact

Check out our reports to learn more about our impact.


of clients received support for stable housing after reintegrating into the community


of parents showed a decrease in parental stress during residency as indicated by the Parent Stress Index


of follow up clients achieved goals to improve their feelings of safety